It’s said to be the best mascara ever! BADgal BANG! by Benefit Cosmetics


Thick, black and twice as long? Your eyelashes can look exactly this way. Just apply BADgal BANG! mascara by Benefit Cosmetics and all your friends will be jealous of your lashes! I’ve already tested this mascara. What are the effects? Keep reading!

Mascara like no other?

That’s what they say. Also, they claim that BADgal BANG! by Benefit Cosmetics lasts on lashes for 36 hours untouched. Honestly? I just can’t imagine myself having eyelashes coated with a mascara for that long. I’m truly curious whether any girl was brave enough to test the lifespan of the mascara. Anyway, this cosmetic holds really long on lashes, doesn’t flake off and is fast to dry out when applied. Moreover, it is waterproof therefore you can use it before going to the gym, a wedding reception, during the winter or hot days. I also like that this mascara is available in its mini version so you can take it everywhere, to work or holiday.

What’s the effect delivered by BADgal BANG! by Benefit Cosmetics?

BADgal BANG! mascara by Benefit Cosmetics is able to thicken lashes twice as much, lift them and curl. Furthermore, it enhances eyes and reduces the visibility of droopy eyelids. Also, this product is able to extend eyelashes. It’s worth mentioning that the mascara features pro-vitamin B5 which provides lashes with reinforcement, nourishment, moisturisation and natural shine. The producer claims that the mascara is made of anti-gravity particles which neither overburden lashes nor clump them together. To me is a little exaggeration because the final effect depends on the number of layers you apply to lashes.

How did I use BADgal BANG! mascara by Benefit Cosmetics?

I applied the product using zig-zag motions trying my best to reach the roots. Also, I used the narrow part of the applicator to coat lashes growing in the corners of the eyes and on the lower eyelids. The effect? Eyelashes became thicker, longer and delicately curved. The shape of eyes were accentuated. Basically, the eyes themselves looked bigger. Unfortunately, applying two coats of the mascara ruins this incredible effect. To clarify, lashes become stuck one to another and are unevenly coated.

Are you going to test the new mascara BADgal BANG! by Benefit Cosmetics?

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