How I fixed my hybrid mani-damaged nails?

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I must confide in you, repairing my nails after hybrid mani wasn’t easy but I made it! Do you know how hard it is when you must keep away from polishes and all you can use is a nail conditioner and lotion… The return to nice, strong nails entailed lots of sacrifices. I finally see it was worth it. How have I fixed my nails?

Firstly, what’s hybrid manicure?

It’s likely to be the hottest mani now. It lasts very long, is pretty budget, and above all you can easily do it yourself at home. It’s said though that having this mani done on a regular basis leads to nails losing condition. They become brittle, stained and split. Also, there’s a problem while applying hybrid polish because it doesn’t cling to damaged nail plate. What seems to be the only way out? You need to repair nails using vitamin-rich and moisturising products.

Does hybrid manicure cause damage and poorer condition of nails?

It does if you do it regularly. The nail plate weakens as it’s incessantly covered up by hybrid polish i.e. chemical product. If your nails are naturally fragile and sensitive, applying a vitamin primer won’t help much. The nail plate will eventually get paper-thin, and it might be even painful during manicure. If you want to get back the nails the way they were before you started hybrid mani, you need 2-3-month break. During this time you need to use nail conditioners, repairing creams, DIY nail soaks or other strengthening treatments.

How to repair nails after hybrid manicure?

First of all, take off the hybrid polish carefully and thoroughly. To let nails rest, it’s a good idea to cut them short and soak nails in warm olive oil. Repeat the nail soak every day because hybrid mani leaves nails extremely dry. A pro vit D conditioner is a good idea too. When it comes to diet, think of supplements and products that enhance conditions of nails as well as skin and hair e.g. fish, linseed oil, eggs, legumes and groats.


When having the first hybrid manicure done, it’s good to use a protein (vitamin) base. Its main task is strengthening and nourishing the nail plate. In the product you will find vitamins E and B5 which enormously improve condition of nails.

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