A golden primer form GUERLAIN – L’Or Radiance Primer. A bit of splendour in skin care and makeup


Cosmetics that contain original ingredients are one of my favourites. The same is with the gel primer l’Or from Guerlain. What’s so unique about it? Read the post and you’ll know everything! Enjoy!

L’Or from Guerlain – an extraordinary cosmetic 

L’Or gel makeup primer from Guerlain draws attention with its appearance. It comes in a glass bottle with a golden cap. Inside, there is a gel primer infused with pure gold flakes. Yes, this is the mysterious and lavish ingredient. How does it work? The aim of the 24-carat gold particles is to brighten the complexion and the action of the gel itself is based on smoothening and moisturizing the skin. The product provides an even finish under makeup thus, the foundation application is easier and quicker. What is more, the floral scent will perfume your face for the entire day. You can notice the notes of peach, rose, jasmine, musk and balsamic resin.

How to use the Guerlain primer?

You only need a small amount of the cosmetic to cover the whole face. For better effects, massage the gel primer into the skin. A message will improve blood circulation, firm the skin and speed up absorbing the cosmetic. After the application, give it a few minutes to set before you go in with the foundation. Golden particles that flicker in the base, become invisible on the face, but provide the skin with a luminous and beautiful effect. You can also mix the l’Or gel primer from Guerlain with your foundation. The application of the product is a lot easier thanks to the pump built into the bottle.

L’Or from Guerlain – effects 

Thanks to the gel primer your face becomes smooth, moisturised and radiant. Fine lines are less visible, and any skin imperfections disappear under the golden flakes reflecting the light. The complexion is soft to the touch, smooth and beautiful. Doing your makeup will be quick and easy regardless of the occasion, time of the year or day. I also love this product for one more reason: gold is used for firming the skin and smoothing out wrinkles. Thanks to the l’Or gel primer from Guerlain the skin is radiant and younger-looking.

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